Saturday, August 4, 2012

a England

A couple of weeks ago a-England had their polish on sale with free shipping so, I took advantage of the sale to get two polishes I don't already have from the line.  I have all the Mythicals but very few of the Legends.  a-England polishes are very popular and with good reason.  The colors are beautiful and they wear very well.  You can buy these at Llarowe, Ninja Polish(who have them at the cheapest price but not always in stock) , Overall beauty or you can go right to the website but you will be paying in euro so make sure you use a currency converter so you won't be shocked at the price. Elaine is a beautiful purple and Holy Grail is a very yellow gold.   So, Here is Elaine and Holy Grail

Elaine 1

Elaine 2

Elaine 3

Holy Grail 1

Holy Grail 2

 Holy Grail 3

Do you have any a-England polishes and if you do, what do you think of them.  If you don't are they on your wish list?
Ciao bellas,
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