Saturday, August 18, 2012

OPI HTF Glacier Bay Blues

Today, I have a beautiful polish from OPI that is considered an HTF(hard to find).  Well, HTF does not always necessarily mean that it sometimes just means you are going to pay a lot of money for it if you are dying to have it.  Like I've said before, I am pretty patient and just checked eBay everyday til I found it at a price I felt I was willing to pay for it.  I think I paid $11.00 for it with free shipping but have seen it as high as $30.00.   Sometimes I also think buying new polish and keeping it in good shape after some years it will become a hard to find.  I think I have a few like that like the polish "What is with the Cattitude"   is very sought after but I bought it on sale and have just taken care of it.  Limited Editions are always good to buy because they gain value, but buy two because what is the sense in having a polish you can't use hoping it will increase in value.  I have done that with a couple of polishes.  It's kind of like buying a diamond what is the sense in buying a diamond with where the four C's are bad.   I started with a 1/2 carat and then went up to a one carat now my husband wants to upgrade to a two but I convinced him just to go up 1/2 and get a really good quality diamond rather than have a 2 that is not of good quality.  I studied a lot about buying diamonds before getting the first one.   I need to brush up a little but for the most part I can still tell whether we are getting a good one or not.  There is a place in Houston that promises they offer the best prices but we went there and they wanted 3 times as much and the diamond was not even that great.  We thought we would get a better price instead of going to someplace like Jared or Zales but know your diamonds girls because they are our best friends.  They make our hands look pretty with our beautiful polish but patience is the key. 

So, here is Jasper Jade.  It is really pretty and the camera just can't do it justice because it is teal or it is a really pretty royal blue.  Do you think it leans more towards blue or teal?

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