Friday, August 31, 2012

Target People Festival

There is a Party going on in San Antonio, Tx this weekend, hosted by Target and People Magazine.  It is called Mamiverse and they have quite a line of great musical guest with the internally famous LUIS MIGUEL.  I tell you San Antonio is not too far and if I can snag some tickets.  I might go.  Why because I love this festival and LUIS MIGUEL is going to be there.

I have been selected by Latina Bloggers to promote  the yearly Festival in association with Target and People Magazine that they have in San Antonio, TX.  I went to the festival around 13 years ago and it was so  much fun.  So, any bloggers in San Antonio take advantage of the three day extravaganza.  There will be prizes and music and the headliner is non other than LUIS MIGUEL!  The Latin crooner who has women swooning over him.  Including me.   I remember when I did go to the festival Selena was supposed to sing and she did but she got there late and we missed her that year she won her first Grammy but later as we all know was murdered outside a hotel in Corpus Christi.

It was then I started to listen to the music of Luis Miguel.  His triple CD Romances is like no other for a romantic night.  I don't think I have ever gone to a wedding where they do not play "Solamente Una Vez" (only once).  It is like a tradition because the song tells the story of getting married once and only once.  We only give our hearts in marriage once.   The lyrics to his songs are so passionate sometimes they give me chills.  I have to listen to his music when I drive because it keeps me so calm otherwise it is Road Rage for me.  He has put out 21 CD's over his lucrative career.  The concert will take place in the Alamodome in San Antonio, he will be making two concert appearances in Las Vegas on September 13 and 14, 2012 at Caesar's Palace for all you fans in the west.  His career spans 30 years.  As I sit here and write this I listen to his music.  I can't stop listening sometimes.

He will also be making two appearances in California during the month of September.

There will be other events going on for example giving makeovers to those who want them.  There will also be a lot of good food and I say good because it is all food I can eat.  Just a sneak peak.




So here is a rundown on the three day event:

  • ‘Glamazon’ Twitter Party on Thursday 8/30 at 9-10pm EST on what it means to be beautiful (both inside and out) as women, Latinas, and moms
  • Virtual Make-Over ‘Salon’ on Saturday 9/1 at 3-4pm EST will mirror a ‘Beauty Day’ with your bestie, on-site make-up tips, techniques, etc.
  • El Mundo Baila Twitter Party on Sunday 9/1 at 3-4pm EST will focus on the Latin music featured at Festival, including favorite songs, pictures of key moments in artists lives, etc.

  • And of course don't miss LUIS MIGUEL at the Alamodome on September 1, 2012.

    Ciao for now bellas,

    I was compensated for this ad by Latina Bloggers.

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