Friday, August 24, 2012

Kat Von D Nails

Today, I want to show you a manicure I did using Kat Von D nail polish.  It was sold at Sephora for  $14.00 but my patience paid off and about a month later I found it on the website for $7.00 a bottle.  Most people have an opinion about Kat von D.  She has had her highs and lows but overall, I kinda like her.  She has managed to go from nothing to having her own line at Sephora, a TV show and she dated Nikki Sixx that is pretty cool.  Of course her low point is Jesse James.  Either way, I would like to meet her because I think she is pretty cool.   I like her style too.  So here is the mani I came up with.  I used the four colors of her collection and did my first splatter mani but instead of using plain black I used my black crackle nail polish.  It was a mess and on some pictures there is a little black that did not clean up well but just think that for that one day I am a tattoo artist and of course I would have some black ink on my hands.  I also was able to go to her shop last year on Le Brea in Hollywood.  I wanted to go there just to see the shop.  We also went to the world famous Pink's Hot Dogs.  We went to the Whiskey A Go Go, where rock god Jim Morrison got his start and rock princess Janis Joplin got her start, even Jimi Hendrix played there.  I get goose pimples just thinking of it.  We also took the TMZ tour.  Now, I love TMZ and if you get the chance I highly recommend it.  It is just funny and very enjoyable.  So, here are my pics hope you like them.

This is Kat Von D's car
The nails
Back of the shop

Closeup (sorry for the bad clean up, it was really hard)
 So, there is my mani and some added pictures I took.  So, what do you think of Kat von D.  Love her or make her go away?
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