Friday, August 24, 2012

Kelly's Challenge Day 4 Favorite food

Today, we are supposed to recreate our favorite food.  Mine is chocolate cupcakes which is really stupid because I have not been able to eat one in over a year because a medication the doctor has me on has certain dietary restrictions, like no soy, no chocolate, no aged cheese the list goes on.  Then, I had my stupid gall bladder removed and here comes another list of dietary restrictions.  Red meat once a week.  I can have 2 chocolate chip cookies a week but I can't because I can't eat chocolate.  Then, let me just add that I am Jewish and there is a whole other list of dietary restrictions.  I might become anorexic not because I want to but because I can't eat anything I really like.  I allow myself one pastry a week.  Pastries are my favorite food.  It has been hard but I don't want to be sick so I stick to the diets and I think I have lost some weight which is ok except I gave my skinny clothes away.  Oh, well, I guess that just means I'll be spending more time at Macy's online and they do sell a lot of high end polishes so maybe it is a little blessing in disguise.  We shall see.   I don't think I can loose much weight because one of the medications has a steroid and forget about losing weight when you are taking a steroid.  You can starve yourself and you won't loose weight.   The little weight loss is probably from I am embarrassed to say this but stool softeners.  I got out of the hospital lost some weight started on those and of course lost some weight.  I guess I was just full of shit.  Literally.  So, here is my favorite food and the closest it might ever come to my hands in a long time.  I forgot there is one other food I love but I couldn't really draw it.  I do love sushi and I can have that was long as it doesn't have soy sauce.  My Rabbi knows of my situation and is lenient about being kosher but I am just so used to it it doesn't make a difference.  Like pork, I don't eat it never ate it as child growing up so it wasn't like I gave that up.  But oh, the Chocolate cupcakes I ate a lot of those. there are other things like carrot cake, yellow cake, and strawberry cake but nothing compares to a chocolate cupcake.

Ciao for now bellas,

> So, there are my cupcakes.  What is your favorite food?
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