Saturday, August 25, 2012

Urban Outfitters Marble Polish

So, Thursday Goldie was restless and wanted to go out for a ride so I decided we’d go across town and visit American Apparel for some more sheer polish.  I really like them, they are great for jelly sandwiches and the price is great 3 for $15.00.  Then we went down the road to Urban Outfitters because I keep hearing from Essie Rae at IHeart Pretty Polish that they have this polish that might be a dupe for Mermaid Dream from Deborah Lippmann.  So, I went to look and found it but found two others that I really liked on is called Lollipop which I think is a dupe for Candy Store from Deborah Lippmann and another one called Dust.  Then they had a four pack of soft matte polishes for  $5.00 and they had Model’s Own Polish, three from the Beetlejuice Collection for $5.00 all of which I had.  Mad me mad.  But they also had something very interesting a Marble nail polish.  I had to check it out it was $4.00 a bottle.  So, I picked the one with Teal, Yellow and taupe.  This is what I got  a beautiful teal but no marbling.  I thought of going to get another darker color but I read the reviews and they all said it did not work.  I am still not sure about that since maybe once you get to towards the bottom of the bottle some of the other colors might com through.  Plus today when my husband and I were out on our usually Saturday morning errands we went to this shopping center we don’t frequent often but their was and Einstein Bagels there and he loves his bagels  He eats them as dessert and not the sweet ones.  I found a new Urban Outfitters super close to where we live it is brand new and if I wouldn’t have had the worst headache we would have stopped but the good thing is I know where it is so next week I am going by to see if they might have some other Model’s Own polish. 
Ok, this marble polish, does not marble but the formula is good.  It dries fast and the color is beautiful so, I am happy with it.  You know the saying, “When Life Throws You Lemons, Make Lemonade”





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