Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Zebra Nails

Zebra nails
When Lisa asked if anyone wanted to collaborate on a guest post. I said I am all in. We decided to do taping tuesday since it just seemed like a good day to do it, it is not hard to come up with broad ideas sometimes it is hard to come with the small ones for me I had a ton of ideas.
Today I have a manicure that might be a little wild but what can I say zebras are wild. Unless, they are hungry they are unlikely to hurt you but it is always best to keep your distance.  I was inspired to do this from a coach purse I saw on- line. I keep thinking I've got to get that purse but nothing special coming up to justify buying it. Then it popped in my head that my anniversary is the 15th. Ah, my evil little mind is spinning. So I start with China Glaze Really Red then I taped my nails in no random order and painted the open parts with OPI's Alpine Snow, waited for them to completely dry and then using everyone's favorite plate Konad 56, I stamped the white area using konad black polish.  I used a black striper to line the white areas.   So, here is the mani, I hope you like.  
If you want to see the inspiration for this mani you can go to my pinterest page at http://pinterest.com/pazya

this is my thumb

So, what do you think?  Too wild or just fun?

Ciao, bellas,

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