Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Deborah Lippman's Candy Shop VS. Urban Outfitters Lollipop

Ok, I have come up with a little different scenario to detemine if these are dupes. 

This is Michael Buffer coming to you live from the Greenberg living room.  Scheduled for tonight's action is DL's Candy Shop VS UO Lollipop.  On the pointer and ring finger we have the Deborah Lippman and on the middle and pinkie we have the Urban Outfitters.  Scheduled for four rounds including color, glitter, staying power and price.  The judges tonight are a mother/daughter team of Patty and Goldie Greenberg.  The older Greenberg has 12 years experience in judging and the younger Greenberg a novice but has young outlook.
Ring Ring
Let's get ready to rumble.
First, we will hear from the older Greenberg color.  The color is pretty much the same the Lippman might be a little darker.  And Goldie, I agree with my Mom.
So,  as far as color goes it would seem that the Lippman is darker in color.  Round 1 Goes to Lippman.
Round 2 is glitter.  The Urban Outfitters glitter is much smaller with some large pieces of glitter.  Goldie what do you say.  I agree with my mom UO has smaller glitter and DL has larger glitter all the same size.
Round 3 is staying power.  Goldie what do you think," I will let my Mom answer she knows best".  I can vouch for DL lasting well over a week because I was wearing it when I went into the hospital and it did not chip or lose it's shine.
Round 4 Cost.  Goldie well first I want to say Mommy spends way too much money on nail polish.  Everyday she has to get a package or she gets sad and I know because that is when my Daddy takes me to go potty and we check the mail.  I know she paid $15.00 and she paid $4.00 for the Urban Outfitters.  She even broke a bottle and pretended that she didn't.  What does the older Greenberg say?  Well, I do spend money on polish but I could spend it on other things.  Like I quit smoking so I don't smoke anymore and that is the price of one bottle of nail polish.  So, that is how I justify it.  Goldie huffs. 
So, after 4 rounds it seems like both of you prefer the Deborah Lippman and agree that they are not the same but if someone doesn't want to spend so much money on Lippman they can buy the Urban Outfitters and be ok.  Both Greenbergs agree.

That is just a little scenario I came up with.  The UO is pretty but personally, I like the Deborah Lippman.  They are not dupes as you will see in the pictures.

Urban Outfitter

I know this is different way of writing.  I just wanted to be creative.  If you hate it let me know if you like it let me know.  I come up with ideas sometimes that are not the norm and sometimes with no feedback I just don't know if they are ok or pleae that was just totally stupid.  Won't hurt my feelings at all I write things like this for other things I do so it's not like I won't be able to do it if you don't like it.  So, leave a comment.

Ciao, Bellas,

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