Wednesday, August 15, 2012

My Top Picks For OPI’s German Collection

I just finished swatching my choices for the German Collection.  So many times nail polishes put out a line and for some reason we feel we need the whole collection.or they put one out right after another like I find MAC does.  I would always feel obligated to get something.  Then, I said wait a minute I have 5 of these mineralize eye shadows from the mineralize line last year that I don’t use.  I am not even sure I like them and since I had my Lasix I have cut back on my eye shadow because I had to go a month without it.  I know some people get their Lasix and are at work the next day.  For some reason it was not like that for me.  I had some kind of a  bubble in my eye and it really hurt.  Summers in Houston are hot.  I don’t even bother wearing makeup during the day.  Just a light sunscreen. I will tell you in a future post why.  Back to the picks.  I am not buying a whole line of nail polish just because any more.  Here that OPI I love your polishes and I think they are the best for your money but fancy displays no longer are working on this girl.  I think in September they are releasing the James Bond Series that comes with 12 polishes and then of course there is going to be a holiday line.  So, I am not saying don’t buy the whole line if you love every one but buy what you want.  Sales people can be pushy and act like maybe you don’t want to buy something because you don’t have the money but who cares.  I buy on-line because, I get better prices and I don’t have to deal with crowds which is a big deal for me.  I don’t like them.  I asked my doctor if he thought I had social anxiety disorder because of this and he laughed and said I buy everything I can on-line and you want to know why because gas is expensive, it is too hot and I hate crowds too.  It made me feel better hearing that.  Like I order a lot from Nordstrom’s only because I know if I go there I have to be a little dressed up and even though everyone thought I was going through menopause a couple of weeks ago I wasn’t.  I got my results and I am FAR from menopause I must have just been being a “b”.
So, here are my picks

Deusch you want me, baby? is my favorite.  It is absolutely gorgeous.  I wore it all weekend.  My husband loved it.  We also went shopping for a bigger diamond for my engagement ring so a lot of people saw my hands all the women loved the color and even a couple of the men.  So, this one is a BIG winner even though it doesn’t look like that in the bottle.  I think this is a must have.
inside with flash

Outside natural light

This one is My Very First Knockwurst is a nude crème.  It has a pink tint as apposed to Pretzel which has a peach tint.  It also has a slight shimmer and is very pretty.  I am a person who likes these nude shades. 

Both of these are taken outside

Don’t talk Bach to me.  I love the color yellow and I said I wasn't going to buy this one but it is just so different from the other yellows I have I had to have it.  It is a smooth cream with a slightly greenish tint.  I am glad I got this one.

Every Month is Oktoberfest a beautiful dark purple.  It really reminds me of the polish that got me away from the sculptured French manicures.  Nothing wrong with a French, it is just the nails and the drilling that OY! how did I do that for so many years.

Schnapps Out of It
It might just be where I grew up but drinking Schnapps was like a right of passage.  Peppermint Schnapps was mine.  I was so sick the next day.  If this polish would have been red I really would not have bought it but it is a coral color.  No shimmer just a nice coral.  Nice and simple.


The next is Suzi and the Seven Düsseldorf's is a pretty purple frost. I just liked it and don’t have as many purples as I thought I did so I thought this would be a good purple to have.


And finally one I have worn at least three times already.  Don’t Pretzel My Buttons.  Again a nude crème with no shimmer.  If you don’t put a top coat on in dries in a soft matte which can be a plus. 


So, those are my selections.  What is your can’t do without selection from this collection or are all of them just a pass?
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