Monday, August 20, 2012


Just wanted to let y'all know that Pam has come up with six new polishes and they are gorgeous.  Going to order 2 right now.  Got two more shelves in the polish room.  Goldie and I will be busy tomorrow.  She will probably sleep for the whole thing.  Goldie is fast asleep right now and it is funny because she snores so loud.  Wish I could take a picture but that would wake her.  Got 3 posts in draft need to publish tonight.  
Gotta go do my normal Monday thing wish Goldie could come since I am feeling really lonely.  You know how all those famous people are getting notes from their doctor that their dogs are therapeutic companions.  I want one right about now. So, that's it.  Just a small update.
Ciao, Patty
This is the link so you can see Pam's new polish.
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