Thursday, August 30, 2012

butter LOndon Trustifarian

I finally got this polish.  I ordered it from Nordstrom it was on back order and I had to wait while I saw it almost everywhere.  I love this color.  It is a holo and I like the name it reminds me of Bob Marley, you rastafarian.  I don't know if they did that on purpose but it is a cool name.  The application was smooth.  The first coat went on kind of sheer but then the second coat gave full coverage.  Overall this is a great polish.  Very well worth the $14,00 price tag.  The other one Dodgy Barnett is the blue version of Trustifarian.  It is a light blue holo.  I don't have it because I have something similar but if you like this one and like blue it would be worth it to get both. It is a little like China Glaze but I don't think it is a dupe because the China Glaze is more linear and this one is more spread out.




So, is this a must have for you or a pass? 
Ciao for now bellas,
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