Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Jade Hypnose

I got this holo from Ninja Polish, it is a pretty holo very close to the color I used in my jelly sandwich.  It is a really pretty holo and for $7.50 it is priced reasonably.  The bottle is only 7 ml as compared to most OPI's and China Glazes which are 14 ml. and priced about the same.  The polish goes on so smoothly and dries fast.  There was no streaking and two coats was enough to produce this color. This polish I believe is from Peru or Argentina which means you have to order it.  I tried to order from from the foreign company but it was too confusing and shipping is outrageous.  Like I love Models Own but shipping from their website is around $20.00 even if you place a big order you still have to pay shipping.  So, I got on their mailing list and am waiting to be able to order when shipping is lower.  Ninja Polish  offers some Model's Own polish and should be restocked in around two weeks.  Just sign up for these newsletters so you can know when they are restocked.  I went to order more of these but they only had a white one and a pink one.  I already have two pink holos so I passed.




Holos, do you like them or do you think poeple make too big of a deal about them?
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