Thursday, February 7, 2013

Kimber's challenge. Letter E

Today, I have Essie's Eternal Optimist.   Five weeks straight now with the brand name and polish name starting with the same letter.  I  wasn't able to take these outside and I think my husband messed with the camera settings and I did not check.  I should have because my computer is on the shop and I have had to use his and he is accusing me of messing with it.  I did nothing but crop and save pics.  Oh we'll.  I absolutely hate the name of this polish because I really hate the eternal optimist.  My mother is one and she drives me crazy and I sure as hell don't need a dose of crazy in my life.  We all know one of these people the kind you want to smack in the face and tell them to open the eyes , take off the rose colored glasses and see what is really happening.  I would venture to say that if you know no one like this you might be the eternal optimist but don't worry the EO lives in denial.  I am not trying to put anyone down.  This is really supposed to be funny because in reality the EO has a pretty good life.  No problems that they see.  I am the total cynic.  Constantly challenging.  Evaluating.  Predicting but I know no other way right now.  I am trying to get at least to that half way point.  I need about 30% more to get there.  So , do you think you might be a cynic?  Whatever you may be there is one thing for sure we are all here for one common thing.  Our LOVE of nail polish so that makes us all sisters cynics or eternal optimists.



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