Thursday, February 21, 2013

Piggy Forget About Kermit, Cookie Monster is Your Man


So, I finally got the ok to eat a little milk chocolate and I do love chocolate chip cookies but I have to sneak them because I am only supposed to have two a day.  No Cookie Monster here but I can wear it on my nails and I love it.  But I was thinking as I was taking these pictures that Miss Piggy really needs to forget about that slimy Frog and go for Cookie Monster.

th[5]          piggy

She is always trying to seduce Kermit and he never responds.  All Piggy would have to do is put some cookies in some strategic places and she might be a very happy pig and not go off on those rants she goes on as often as she does.  Just thinking. 
Ok, to this beautiful polish. this is Cookie Monster by Whimsical Ideas by Pam.  It is loaded with glitter at the top of the bottle which is wow.  On some big glitters you need to wait till the second use to really get the glitter easily.  This one is not like that it also dries fast.  So, it is loaded with cookie monster blue glitter and white glitters.  They are matte but with top coat they shine.  I used Zoya’s Blu from the Lovely Collection and then one coat of Cookie Monster to get the look. 




So, if you like this polish you can purchase them at Pam’s website on Facebook.   She has several other polishes and if you like this one you will love her other ones.  I usually buy her whole collections because I love them so much
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