Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Mac Snob

 Today, I have Mac's Snob.  It is such a pretty pink with lavender undertones.  It is also my favorite lipstick color that is why I went ahead and indulged in this product.  As far as formula goes it is not very pigmented and it did take three coats to achieve this color.  Mac polishes are ok but I really don't see any colors that wow me.  I wish they would re- release Bad Fairy because I would stand in line for that one.  I have heard that Model's Own Pinky Brown is a dupe but I don't know.  My sister has Bad Fairy and I have Pinky Brown maybe she will lend it to me to compare.  For me because of my love for the lipstick I justified this purchase.  I never say never but if MAC does come out with something great then I will buy but right now nothing special has jumped out at me.






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