Wednesday, February 6, 2013

January Favorites

January was on LONG month.  My husband thinks it went by fast.  I do not share those feelings.  It just seemed to drag and I don’t know why I was busy but it just dragged so I feel I have a lot of favorites but have really narrowed them down. So, here are my favorites.  There are ten in no particular order. 

This I think was one of the first things I posted in January.  It was a manicure I did when my daughter was here.  I really do love black and white manicures and this is one of my favorites.  Maybe I can recreate it for summer white and pink.  I would just have to change the middle finger.  That would be pretty.

bw 5

This was a Deborah Lippman polish I had been wanting for so long that I finally got it.  I even went to the store to get it so that has got to show how much I really wanted it.  I just love the color.
Brickhouse 9

I loved the green jelly sandwich I did during X-Mas and did not post until sometime in January.  I had been dying to do it with the Zoya Frida and finally got my chance with a desired turnout.
jelly 5

I liked the fabric challenge in Crumpet’s Challenge because doing this Burberry fabric really tested my skills on using striping paint and took the fear out.  I had avoided using striping paint just because I had trouble in the past but this was a challenge and I did force myself to challenge myself.

I love the color of this polish from Deborah Lippman’s Girls collection.  This one is Hannah.  It is a color I just don’t have it I teal with some grey tones in it and just beautiful.  It looks a lot like the polish Jennifer Lawrence wore during the movie Silver Linings Playbook.  Come to think of it.  I am going to find out what color that was because they did seem to focus on it at least three times during the movie.  If you already know the color.  Please let me know.

I absoluetely love this polish from KB Shimmer.  It is called Black to Business.  It is just so perfect.  The color, the right amount of glitter and the price.  It is really worth a look at.  if you don’t have it.

I really liked this manicure because I had seen so many variations of it and I wanted to do one too.  I used this in the stamping part of Crumpet’s Challenge.
nude 1

I love this nail polish.  I got it at the end of December.  December was a Butter London month and January seemed to be a Zoya month.  I don’t see what February is going to be, probably nothing since it is a short month but let’s see what is coming in March.  Hold on to your money this month and wait for March when I am sure there will be sales in the multitudes.
posh bird 2

Starlet by Ciate is so gorgeous.  Duochrome goodness.  I love it.

And last is the checkerboard stamping I did.  It was based on a dress I saw Kristen Dunst wearing.  I did it only to show on the blog and have not offically worn it yet but I am dying to.  Just waiting for the right time.


So, those are my favorites for the month.  Did you see something on my blog that you particularly liked and I did not list?  Let me know.
Ciao for now,
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