Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Valentine’s Day Mani 3

Today I have another Valentine’s Day manicure.  Ok, though this is a total steal from the manicure that Anne Hathaway wore to the Golden Globes.  I got it from my new Nailed It magazine subscription.  It is a really easy look to reproduce and I thought it would look great for Valentines day.  Anne’s manicure had rhinestones to make it look more like a Valentine’s day manicure I put two heart glitters where the glitter went.  The glitter I used was Techno from China Glaze but just very lightly.  I did not use my sponge method and do feel like it did not spread right.  Next time I wear this I am going to use the sponge or even a pink glitter but it looks fine like this.  This was my favorite manicure I saw in the magazine and the front cover.  I am totally going to recreate that one so keep an eye out for that one.
So, I guess I left you kind of hanging from the last post.  So, since my husband was never going to call me again because that is what I asked.  Years went by and he didn’t call.  So, one lonely Thanksgiving evening I was dealing with my depression in the wrong way and found his brother’s phone number.  I called him and he was so happy to hear from me.  He immediately told me Michael was single and gave me like his beeper number, two cell phone numbers and two home phone numbers.  During the time that I had been married I saw his brother many times and we would always talk but always avoiding the subject of Michael.  So, I put my big girl pants on and called Michael.  He did not remember at first until I told him remember we were supposed to get married.  Then he remembered.  We talked and realized that we only lived four hours away from each other.  We met in January and saw each other on weekends.  On Valentine’s Day weekend he showed up with a big teddy bear and flowers.  We went to dinner and had a great time.  The next night we decided to stay in and watch movies.  We made a trip to the supermarket and I think it was down the bread isle he stopped me and hugged and kissed me and said, “Do you want to get married?’  I just laughed and said yes.  Only Michael would propose in a supermarket the one material thing he loves more than anything in the whole world is food.  It was very fitting.  The next day we went and decided on a ring.  So, I am a hopeless romantic and hope that every girl or boy reading this know that true love does exist and can last a lifetime.

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