Saturday, February 9, 2013

Happy Valentines Day

It is five day's till Valentine's Day.  Do you have any plans?   If you do of course besides what you are wearing what are you putting on you nails?  I feel weird saying this but sometimes I plan my outfit by my mani.  So, for the next five days I have five mani's or ideas if you don't have exactly what I have or maybe you just get an idea.  We all get inspiration from each other but everyone' interpretation is different.  Even if we put the same mani on five people they would be different.  So with that said let's talk about this look.

I used American Apparel's Hassid.  One coat was all it took.  I love these polishes.  Then I topped with In the Whole Wide World.  Now, this was a tricky decision because I wanted to put it a light blue but Polishaholic used a light blue.  I tried other colors and black worked great.  If you don't have heart glitter polish Klean Kolors has a polish that is just hearts and then you can use a fine glitter and get something close to this.  Now, I tried something new.  Last week I did a mani and only wanted to do the tips I ended up sponging the whole nail with the glitter.  There was nothing left on the sponge and I was very satisfied with the outcome.  I had struggled with this one so I remembered my sponging from last week.  It worked great because I could control the number of hearts on each nail and even arrange them where I wanted them and was able to press on.  Now the black was dry and I had layered with  Seche Vite to ensure I had a dry surface to work on.  I am going to try it next time I use glitters I am doing to try it. I think a lot of us have a problem with chunky glitter but if this consistently works then it is an option  for some of us who have problems.  It has worked twice but it could be serendipity and I don't want to give a tip until it has worked for me several times and has worked for some other people.  If you try it and it works let me know.  I know I am using the scientific method but I want to be on the safe side before I really share this with the masses.






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