Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Patty and Goldie take a weekend off.

I can't believe I did that four days without posting anything.  I just had a busy weekend with my DBSA group and had a great time.  Of course that does not mean I did not do my nails every night.
We went to the horse stables, Galleria, movies, eating, it was great.  I told myself just go with it you'll post on Monday but nope more plans.  I was exhausted.   I work on the giveaway page last night and tried to read e-mails but gave up because I had an MD appointment, so what I do have are my weekend mani's.

First I wore a polish I wound up winning this polish on EBay for 8.00 it is a beautiful red with a slight shimmer of gold.  If is from Ciate called Kitten Heels.  The formula was smooth, no streaking.  I did need three coats to reach opacity.

I also wore a beautiful new polish from Whimsical Ideas by Pam.  I loved this polish.  I layered one coat of Zoya's Aurora and two coats of Parisian Violets on top.

Then Sunday when everyone was watching the Stupid Bowl.  I am so mad at the Texans, everyone was watching I was quilting.  Yes, quilting and really upset because two days of so much stuff going on I did not take care of my nails like I usually do and broke a nail.  After six months, I broke a nail.  My left hand is down to nubs, luckily my nails grow fast and I have plenty of manicures I need y'all to see.  So even though one hand has really short nails the other is just fine of course it is my right hand and I am right handed but that is OK.  I went 2 1/2 years with pain and no feeling in my right hand so I became pretty ambidextrous.  I'll show you the pics then you can tell you what colors I used.


I painted my nails black.  You can use any black you like then laser tape, I start with one right down the middle and two each side.   Then go to the other side of the nails and do the same down the middle and side to side.  On the pinkie I used only four pieces of tape only because I was getting a little frustrated.  Then I used Cult Nails Charlatan over the nail and waited about 20 seconds and slowly start removing the tape.  I think this is one of my best ones and the way the Charleton just randomly changes from pink to purple to blue is beautiful.  I won the set of these special edition polishes from Fashion Polish about a month ago.  I love them and I think they are on sale at the Cult Nails website but you can see all five of them on Fashion Polish's website. 

So, aside from having a great weekend with friends I had a great weekend in polish.  What more could I ask for?


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