Friday, February 22, 2013

OPI Oz Review

Ok, I swore I was not going to buy anything from this collection but I figured two were not going to kill me.  I bought Glints of Gilda and When Monkey's Fly.  For the first time I am going to really advise everyone from buying When Monkey's Fly Unless you have some magic way of getting glitter not to curl.  I tried everything and those sucker just kept curling.  I have contacted the person I bought it from and they are taking it back.  I really am thinking of writing to OPI and telling them they need to pull the whole lot and believe me I will.  That is how much trouble I had with this polish.  I smashed it I put three coats of top coat and it is still curled as you will see in the pictures.  Now, Glints of Glinda is a jelly polish not my favorite but I did fall in love with this one.  It is a neutral bordering more on yellow than pink but it did take four coats to reach opacity and that might have been my fault because I really did not wait long enough for the first coat to dry but other wise it is really pretty.  I have some gold glitter and can always franken some multicolor glitter to get the same effects of When Pigs Fly.  I am excited to see the movie and happy with my purchase of Glints of Gilda.  The other polishes are just too much like last year's New York Ballet so not interested.  So, first I'll show you Glints of Glinda

See, this is a really pretty color, like I said more yellow than pink.  That doesn't mean I don't like nudes with more pink that yellow.  I am just saying this is really nice and then to ruin it with When Monkey's Fly is a crime.

This is what it looks like on.  Horrid!

Warning this is the bottle in comes in and it looks so pretty.

Closeup.  Look at all that curling

A totally ruined manicure!  And I was a little upset because it does take a while for  Glints of Gilda to dry.

Here it is swatched on next to  It is not like OPI does not know how to make glitter polish.  They do but When Monkey's Fly Is a BIG failure.

So, overall, I like Glints of Glinda but stay away from When Monkeys fly.  It is a gold glitter with some colored glitter find something else similar that I am sure you have somewhere and use that save your money there is no fix to this polish unless you know something I don't and if you do fill me in because I have always heard that curling glitter cannot be fixed and if the fix is turning them around.  I just don't have the time.  So thumbs up for Glints of Glinda and thumbs way down for When Monkey's Fly.

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