Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Zoya Joy and Jo

To say that last month we were not inundated with Zoya would be an understatement.  It seems like everywhere I turned Zoya was on sale or at a reduced price which suited me fine. I know right off the bat I bought both the Pixie Dust which I have yet to share and are sitting in my computer waiting to get cropped and the Lovelys which I did post earlier this month. But even with ordering those I found some on eBay and amazon at a great price.  So, I did go wild on Zoya last month.  I hope I get a chance to show them all by the end of the month.  For some reason I have not received mail since Saturday.  So everything I have ordered might be here tomorrow and I have to say I am a little scared.  I have my polish room almost up to being photographed.  I've been working on that and inventory and getting polish  together for a blog sale.  It is a little harder than I thought, but I am not stressing and that is good.
This first polish is called Jo. It is a light blue definitely more on the red than the purple side.  When I wore it , I just kept thinking ok the possibilities with this polish.  I could dress it up with a silver tip.  Or draw flowers, laser tape with a blue gradient.  I love to recycle and this one is perfect for that if that is something you do.  The quality of the polish was perfect dried quickly and smoothly.   It did not drip down my nail causing flooding at my cuticle.  i hate when new polish does that.  I had no problems with this polish.






 This is Joy and she is a really pretty one.  I thought of my daughter when I painted this color for the reason that, this is not really red but would look great with it .  My daughter would never wear a bright red even if she was wearing all red because even though she likes it she does not like the way it looks on her hands.  I will wear just about any color and make it work but not her.  I thought this is a good color for the younger girl who wants to wear red but Mom won't let her or anyone who doesn't wear red this is a perfect place to start.  I know growing up there was a stigma if you wore red nail polish so we tended to avoid it.  But today every thing goes and as far as the beauty arena.  I think we have seen the most changes with nails because let's just face it MAC came out with a black lipstick and it looks ugly.  Even blue lipstick. Unless it is Halloween or some costume party those colors don't look good but we can't say the same for nails.  Anything goes and we like it.  Yes, we are polish addicts and no one needs to know.  They just know our nails always look damn good.






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