Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Valentine’s Day Manicure Marbling

Today, I have another Valentine’s Day manicure.  This time I did some water marbling.  I used Zoya Areej, American Apparel, T-Shirt, and China Glaze Platinum.  There is just one thing I want to say about water marbling, when I was doing this I thought if I could only make a heart then I would be a real pro.  I got a  heart on my second try but it was too big.  Now a lot of people are scared of water marbling.  You don’t need to be scared.  It is really easy.  The reason I see people mess up is because they use too many colors.  Three is best.  They really think they need a white base.  You do not need a white base use the lightest color of the marble you are using as your base.  You need to use drinking water and make sure your water is clean after each marble.  I use a urine specimen cup I got from my doctor.  It is easy to use after you finish just wipe it down with acetone and it is good to go for the next use.  I’ve used Styrofoam cups and they don’t work well for me.  I like the plastic.  Sometimes another problems people have is that the water is so cold that the polish won’t spread or you don’t wait long enough for it to spread.  I make sure I use a couple of drops on my first round to make sure it covers the whole top of the cup.  If you really want to see a pro water marble on YouTube there is a girl called Simple Pleasures and she can get a heart on her water marble.  I learned from her and then you just practice. I taught my niece when she was 11.  This is not rocket science.   If you’ve never done it just get in there and do it you’ll have fun and then come out with some pretty cool nails. 
So, pull out your polish and try a water marble you might surprise yourself.
Ciao bellas,
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