Sunday, November 4, 2012

Macy's haul

This is new for me and I don't want to stray away from polish but I just got some cute things at Macy's for a really good price.

First, I got this army-like sweater.  It retails for 79.00.  I paid 32.00.

The next thing I got was a short sleeve sweater in olive with fringes on the bottom.  I do like fringes when they are done right.  Sometimes they just make you look like a country whore.
Another sweater that is short sleeved but has some character because you can wear a shirt underneath it in almost any color you want and it has accent buttons down the side.  This was a bargain.  $13.00.
The next thing I just had to get was this white shirt because it was $7.00 and I would have been stupid not to.  They had it in black at the same price but I think by the time I got to check out they sold out and I was not able to purchase it.  I like it because I can wear it with anything.  I have.  Last weekend I wore it with denim shorts and my pink ugg boots.  KISS.  I was comfortable all day long.
Next, the greatest invention.  Jeggings that look like jeans.  These ones have the zipper and back pockets they are not leggings.  They feel like my pajamas.  I searched the web for a denim pair and found one from Hue for $39.00, which I will buy if I can't find them cheaper.  These were $14.00.  Only pair in my size.  I was happy because I have a pair of red ones that I bought at Ross which by the way I do find things there that are at Macy's sometimes much cheaper and I love that you can get a whole Color Club collection for $7.99.  I predict I will be wearing these pants often.  Pajamas they feel like pajamas.
Then I stumbled across this little sexy little number and thought I can get away with that.  I've lost about 15 lbs and still going.  I can wear this with some black tights or if it is a little too short I can wear the jeggings with my short boots.  I have a pair of like 5" heels.  I may be forty eight but my feet are in good condition and I still can keep up with my 22 year old daughter when it comes to heels no fear here.  So, I paid $12,00 for this.    I am kind of short.  Like 5'4"  so I will have to see how low that left side goes.
So, a girl needs some accessories like shoes, and shoes and more shoes and more shoes.  So, I really wanted another pair of Uggs.  So, I bought the chestnut shorty because my calves are kind of on the big side which make my legs look great with high heels in dress but damn hard to find boots that come to the knee and the tall ones since they are flat would make me look really short so make up for it by getting the short ones.  Price $155.00
I meant to show you my pink uggs when I got them but forgot.  So here they are.  They are cute because they tie in the back.  I like them.  One of my first posts is my denim Uggs.  I was scared to show a manicure so I showed the Uggs first. 
Got my Toms.  Gotta have Toms and these ones are really nice they are wool and have almost the same lining in the back that the Uggs have inside nice and comfy.  Oh, prices.  These were $53.95
I know the uggs and toms were expensive but the money I saved on the clothes, I still came out alright. 
 And to top things off.  I went to a Charming Charlies.  I had never been there.  They have cute things.  I found two to top things off.  Can you guess what it is?  That's right hats.  $14.95 each.
So, that is about it for this month.  Basic wardrobe items.  Next month.  I go for colorful items.  If you like to see haul videos or don't please vote in the pole.  So, I will never do this again or if you just want to see nail polish hauls for the month I can do that too.  I realized that I like to see other people's stuff or find out about a good bargain not to scrutinize.  I am also not doing this to say oh, look what I have.  It is just more of I feel a bargain sharing post.  So, I hope you like it and if you don't please comment.  I have gotten some derogatory ones but hey I don't care I can tell by the way it is written it is written by someone very young and I am past all that so I am open to any type of criticism.
Ciao for now,

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