Thursday, November 15, 2012

Polish of day 33 Ninja Polish Girly Floam

First there was floam now there is girly floam and I am loving it.  I think there is also sunny floam which I intend to purchase because I love floam.  I only have two pictures today because I used my new light box and discovered something about photographing in there and the colors were different on some of the pictures I took, so I only want to show the ones that are true to color and I was wondering why some where coming out different but it all has to do with distance and camera angle.  Live and learn, that is what I say.   This polish was so nice to put on because I did put undies on it.  Again I am finding with certain polishes they need undies. The formula I feel is great.  It dries fast but eats up  your top coat.  This is two coats but I kind of like it like this.   Well, I took a whole bunch of pictures.  I swatched my Zoya suede collection.  I have the Breaking Dawn 2  Collection from Essence and of course another polish to post.  Oh and two challenges.  So, tomorrow I have about five posts.  I would do some tonight but I am need to get up early tomorrow and I will be at the Breaking Dawn 2  premiere wearing of course the Breaking Dawn polish.  So, I want to get these posts done and if I stay up any later I won’t get anything done.  So, keep an eye on Facebook or twitter for the release of like five posts.


girly 2

So, bellas it is time for the old lady to hit the sack.  Much more tomorrow and pleasant dreams to all.
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