Monday, November 5, 2012

OPI's Skyfall collection

This was a collection that I had to have the whole kit and caboodle.  I bought the display.  I am debating the gold polish.  I'll tell you why because I would not use it.  I would keep it in the box and wait five years and sell it.  We'll see.  So this is a big collection, I have three swatches so far.  It sis hard because I lost all my other pics and I am replacing them and I keep a file of manicures so I always have manicures.  I also think of something then I have to go create it.  So, today, I have Moonraker, On Her Majesty's Secret Service and SkyFall swatches.

This is Skyfall when I saw it on other people.  I did not like it but I liked it on myself.  I really loved it.  I is a deep red and the formula is great.  My mind has been changed about this one.

This is On Her Majesty's Secret Service when I saw this one I knew I would like it.  I love it.  It is a three coater but the color is it grey is it a metallic green.  Who knows it is just pretty and pretty to just stare at.  I tend to do that alot when I wear pretty polish.  I stare at my fingers. 

This is Moonraker.  I love it.  I is like foil on your fingers.  I had no problems with it where usually with metallics you have streaks and it is hard to work with but not this one.  OPI has really created great formulas for their polishes.

So, those are three.  If anyone else bought the whole collection and wants a display I have an extra one.  I know mine looked wonky but I plan to iron it out.  I am not sure if I have an iron but I am sure I can straighten it out by ironing it.  I know this sounds weird but I can't stand wrinkly money so what I do is I actually wash my paper money I just put it in the back of a pair of jeans and then get it out and put it in my wallet and it dries nice and crisp.  Weird I know, but if you want a display e-mail me and we can work something out for getting it to you.  Otherwise I am going to throw it away.

Ciao for now,

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