Friday, November 2, 2012

Kimber’s Challenge Day 24 Inspired by a book

Well this was a hard one my absolute favorite book is Interview with a Vampire by Anne Rice and then it has to be Faust by Johann von Goethe.  Both have very demonic themes and I just couldn’t think of how to do Faust and with Interview I did not feel there were enough objects to be able to really capture a good grip of the story.  So, right now  I am reading Anne Rice’s The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty.  I actually just finished it and have started the second book.  Sleeping Beauty has always been my favorite Disney princess.  I just loved her innocence and the three little fairy,  Flora, Fauna and Merriweather.  Well in this book I thought since Anne Rice wrote the book the prince would kiss her and she would become a vampire.  Nope.  He woke her with a kiss and a lot more.  Poor Beauty(that is what they call her in the book)she has no fairies to protect her.  She has no one and has been taken to the castle of the Prince to be a love slave.  She must endure both physical and sexual torture but when I talk about sexual torture I mean that if she is “in the mood”  she will be teased to a point and then all will stop.  She has a lot of sexual tension.  At night when she sleep she sleeps chained to the bed so she won’t escape and is paddled often at the end of the first book we see Beauty being taken to a place called the Village in a wooden cart and a place that it is forbidden to talk about in the book.  This book sets the ground rules and what life in the palace is like this second book IA already filled with intrigue and it is really hard for me to put it down when I am reading it.  So here is the manicure I came up with for this book.

This is the four fingers of the manicure


This is Beauty’s hair she tends to use it a lot to cover her face.  She is barred from wearing any clothing as the other Princes and Princesses are.

This is the Castle Beauty is taken to.

The Chains that keep Beauty on her bed.

The wooden run down cart she is taken to the Village in.

The whole hand manicure.


It is really messy but I really did the best I could.  This has been the hardest challenge because emotions or thoughts are sometimes very hard to put into a picture for me.  Ask me to write about them and I will write you a book .

Ciao for now,
Be sure to check out the Varnished Vixens and their Literary Manis! I'll be back later with a neater mani and less angry dry skin! :)

Also, I'm hoping all of you in the line of fire from the Hurricane are safe and sound. Please let us know you're all ok!

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Kimber wrote the top part about the hurricane survivors.  I want to say.  I know exactly what it is like I have lived through several and notice I said lived.  During Hurricane Ike we came together as a community.  If we had a barbeque pit and someone's matches wouldn't light we let them cook their food on our pit.  I know that sounds stupid but it is little things like that help us survive.  I am just saying that if you have something that you can help someone out with please do it.  Come together as a community.
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