Friday, November 16, 2012

Zoya Suedes

I have been able to snag three Zoya suedes.  I believe there are two more that go with this winter collection and 3 of a summer.  I have none of those but I think I have three of the best.

The first one is Loredana.  It is a dark gray.  The thing about the Zoya suedes that make them a little different than the rest is that they have a slight shimmer even when they are dry.

This  is Savita.  It is a a purple suede.  The first picture was taken with too much light and flash so this is what it would look like in the sunlight.  The other two where taken under natural light.

This one is my favorite it is called Veruschuka.  It is a dark green and goes on so smoothly.   I love this one and if you want to wear it with a top coat it looks just as beautiful. 

I love suedes and buy whatever I can find in winter.  I wish the main companies, like Zoya, OPI or China Glaze was putting something out this year.  I think the reason they haven't, is that when they first came out you couldn't give them away.  They were not widely accepted and I remember seeing them on sale racks.  If they would have given it a little more time maybe they would have caught on.  I am happy I have what I have but what happens when they are gone.  If I see one at a good deal I buy. I never pass up a good deal and neither should you if you keep a savings account which everyone should.  I just found the Black Zoya suede and I think the price will go down so I am just sitting on it.  When it reaches the price I want it at I'll buy.  If it goes up tomorrow at least I am locked in at today's price.
By the way there is this new website called Goop.  I just got it in my email and they have a 3 beautiful butter Londons on sale.  I got Fish Wife today I am wearing it and will try post it tomorrow hopefully.  I did let everyone on facebook and twitter that amazon had 8 of them.  I know I have said I would post things and I am sorry I have not been able to I have everything ready but there are some serious family problems right now and I went to the doctor they called me today to tell me that after some blood tests they want me to get a brain MRI.  That threw me for a loop and I have been preoccupied and instead os sitting around sleeping today.  (I am super tired right now and I am falling asleep)  I found myself at Macys and spent 4 hours there.  I took pictures of everything I bought so I can do a haul post on that.  I just had to get out of my apartmennt and believe that it is jusst routine to get a brain MRI. I haven't told my husband about the MRI and hopefully won't have to.  He is pretty preoccupied with his daughter who is having a crisis and has asked me to play counselor, a role I have always played in my family, it feels good to know I still got it  but it has really drained me for some reason and I am so sleepy at 10:30.  So, I am going to go to sleep and have a better day tomorrow because I believe I will.  If I get negative then it will be a bad day.  I know I will be in the polish room tomorrow since my neices are finallly coming over to play with all the stuff in there.  So, I will have guest models tomorrow. 
About the suedes remember Avon has them, if you want the higher end ones.  Try amazon and ebay and if you find Harlow let me know.  I'v been looking for that one.  Nubar also has a line of suedes. Everyone knows a bottle of Zoya is around $8.00 so expect to pay a little more with shipping and handling.  
Ciao bellas,
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