Sunday, November 4, 2012

Polish of Day 26 Yummy Yummy Butter London

This is another neutral that I absolutely love.  it has  a shimmer that just could not be caught on film.  I really hate that.   But I am loving this color.  I see being able to wear it a week.  I can usually get a weeks worth of wear from a polish if I polish correctly and in this case I did so the tips won’t turn white.  I wear polish about two days.  Then freshen with Seche Vite after two days I stamp and wear three more days.    KISS.  This polish is perfect for a week’s worth of wear.  I have a tip I remember from the old days.  We did not have Seche Vite so dry time was always at least half an hour to an hour.  What we used to do is wait around five minutes then stick your hands in a bowl of ice water the longer you keep them in the faster they dry.   If you have a polish that you really love but it takes a while to dry even with Seche Vite try the ice water bowl.  I know just the polish I am going to try it on.

yummy yummy 7

yummy yummy 1

yummy yummy 16

Do you ever do anything or have any tips to keep your manicure fresh for a week?
Ciao bellas,
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