Sunday, November 4, 2012

October Favorites

October was a LONG month and I ended up ordering a lot of nail polish.  I also found out that they sell Ciate` at Nordstrom.  I love their polish.  I won two giveaway.  YAY!  But it was really hectic and to be honest I really am not crazy about the upcoming two months. Thanksgiving is always weird.  Most of the time we go out to eat.  Xmas is bad because my family is Catholic and I am Jewish and it is just weird.  I won't be at the mall anymore,  I have to shop at weird times and so many times stores put up items I like to buy to make room for Xmas decorations.  I look to October and think of my favorite things mainly my favorite polish Essie Rae and IHeart Pretty Polish suggested that we do our October Favorites.  So, we are going to make this a monthly thing it will be things we review during the month. 

5.  My fifth favorite thing this month is that I started polish of the day.  I did a poll and it was really close but a lot of people wanted to see swatches and I thought of course.  When I am going to buy a polish I look for a swatch of the polish if there isn't one.  So, now you can look to see if I ever did it plus it will show up on a search on the Internet.  I also try to post then newest polishes I get so those who read it can see if they like it or not.   And you all know I always tell you where to buy and how much it cost.

4.  My fourth favorite is polish is Butter London's Shag.  I love this color because you can wear it year around and it looks good on any skin color.


3.  My third favorite is Fairy Lights from butter London.  It is just so girly when I wear it I feel so feminine and the formula is just so great.

2.  My second favorite might be a surprise but I really love OPI's "You're a Doll".  It is just so soft and pretty.  It looks like the nail polish an angel would be wearing.

1.  My number one favorite this month has to be Deborah Lippman's  Cleopatra in New York.  It a beautiful jelly black base that has gold glitter.  It is just absolutely love this color.  Everyone should have it.

What is your favorite October favorite polish?

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