Wednesday, November 7, 2012

The rest of the Skyfall Collection Warning PIC Heavy


This is Casino Royale.  It is definitely a blue red.  Goes on great and no problems with the formula.


casino royale 1casino royale 2Casino Royale 7casino royale



This one is Live and Let Die.  It is a dark green.  It reminds me of Here today Aragon tomorrow but this one has gold flecks in it.   It is an amazing color and the first picture shows it some justice.





Goldfinger.  Beautiful.  It does take three coats to get an opaque color but it is gorgeous.  Possibly my favorite of all.






This one is The Spy Who loved me.  it is an orange red and reminds me of something a younger girl might use as her first polish.  It is a crème and did not appear to have any flecks of gold merely a shimmer.



ianyother day1die another day 5die another day 6die another day




The Living Daylights.  I was most excited about this one.  I really like the way it looks alone and would look great in a jelly sandwich.  It has orange, teal, blue, gold, and silver glitters.


the living daylighs 4the living daylights 1The living daylights



This one is You Only Live Twice.  Looking at it from the outside it looks like The One That Got Away, but once you put it on it is very different because it has more red undertones and does have some gold shimmer to it.


you only live twice 2you only live twice 4You only live twice 5you only live twice




This one is Tomorrow Never Dies.  The bottle is purple but it photographed blue.  I did not understand and took several pictures but it still came out this color. 




The World is Not Enough is the name of this one.  At first It looks a little weird but after some time it does begin to grow on you.


The world is not enough 1The World is not enough 2The World is not enough 4



And the last one is The Spy Who Loved Me.  Red with gold flecks.



the spy who loved me 1the spy who loved me 3the spy who loved me 5the spy who loved me 9





Well, that is pretty much the whole collection.  It really seemed huge as a I was doing all the swatching.  My only problem with it is that is has three reds.  I knew that going in I just wish they were a little bit more different. 


So, are you buying any of these?  Which ones if so?



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