Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Polish of Day 45 Indigo Illusion Nubar

I have been on a real Nubar kick for a couple of days now.  I want to know why this line is not in Ulta’s and Sephora’s.  It is a great quality polish with some really great colors.  I mean look at Reclaim that has to be the most beautiful green holo ever made.  This is indigo illusion it is a dark lavender with pink highlights and when it is in a different position it turns teal.  I did my best to get the change on film and I think I might have.  There is another polish they make called Peacock Feathers If you ever see that anywhere for less than $10.00.  You can buy it and put it on eBay and get $40.00.  It is always on my wish list.  You can see pictures of it on Scrangie’s website.  Nubar does have a line of duochromes on eBay very reasonably priced.  I have three of them and just ordered another.  So, look out for that one in the coming weeks.

indigo illusion 2

indigo illusion 12

indigo illusion 10

indigo illution 4

I think I was able to pick up the color change because it is a very strong duochrome.  LIke I have said before these polishes go on smooth and dry fast.  The only thing about them is that they tend to separate at a faster rate than others so if you have a few make sure you shake the day before.  I actually go into the polish room like twice  a week just to shake nail polish so if I want to use one they are always ready.  The polish room is finished  but I have a friend staying with me and I won’t take pictures while she is here even though she would not mind I feel it would be an invasion and I just can’t do it.   So, I will get pictures eventually.  Paitience is a virtue.

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