Saturday, November 17, 2012

Patty's Tips on Staying Looking and Feeling Young

I am 48.  Nobody believes me until I show them my driver's license but I do know women who are younger than me and look like they could be my much older sister even mother.  So, I was thinking what is it?  Well I think the first thing is good genes my parents both look really young for their age so did my grandparents that is something I have no control over but there are some things I do have control of and here they are.
1.  Think young.  Keep up with what is doing on with your kids and grand kids.  During a nail challenge someone did Gangham Style and I was like, I don't know what that is.  So, I asked my niece and she told me.   The next week I saw it on dancing with the stars and sometimes I find my self singing that stupid song while I am walking around my apartment and actually doing some moves. 
2.  Dancing is great for the spirit.  I do my own type of Zumba.  I used to love to dance when we went out.  So, sometimes I put on some good salsa music and just dance.  It is good exercise and I think it has played a part in me losing a little weight. 
3.  Dress in what is in style as closely as you can you do need to stop shopping in the junior department.  Jeggings are really popular and I got a pair I might need to wear some spanx but that is ok.  They don't look like I am trying to look young because I am not going to pair it with something that is not going to cover my ample bum.  Funny little story 8 years ago, I was still able to wear a bikini.  my daughter was 14 and dying to get her navel pierced.  I said ok after she was done I hopped on the table and had mine done.  I promised  my husband I would take it out after a year but I still have it and I feel like my stomach looks naked without it.  I thought when my gall bladder got taken out that would be it, but the piercing was still in tact.  So I still have it.  The guy who pierced us said that he had women who were in their 60's getting pierced.  So I figured it was ok. 
4.  This is a dead giveaway fro age.  If you still have your own teeth make sure you use a whitening tooth paste once they start turning really yellow people know how old you are.   If you wear dentures like I do due to  a 14 make sure you clean with something like efferdent.
5.  Stop wearing wearing powder on your face.  This I got from Diane Sawyer several years ago.  She said she stopped wearing powder when she hit 40 because it seemed to show wrinkles.  When Lush came out with their cosmetic line I bought some powder and it looked terrible.   I had stopped wearing it about two years before,  I just use MAC's blotting powder if I feel I need it but I use oil control makeup so I really don't have a problem. 
6.  Watch your hair length.  My hair was way too long for my age and when I cut it I felt 10 years younger.  Color is also an issue.  Stop using ash if you do.  I makes you look like you are trying to look younger.  A golden color is better.  I used to use Medium Ash Brown and when I changed it was such as difference. This I read on Yahoo as far as the color goes.  If you are grey or mostly and do want to look younger, color your hair.  I had a friend who was two years older than me and all gray we got and forced her to color her hair and it was amazing how it changed her.  She was wearing mumu's and after the hair coloring she was wearing jeans and pretty flats and she looked so pretty.  I've been gone for over ten years and went to visit her and her hair was grey and she still looked pretty but was wearing a Mumu.  No.  No Mumu's not even to sleep which leads me to the next topic.
7.  Ok, this is PG.  Your vagina still works at 48.  Having sex at when you are older is fine unless for some medical reason you can't.  But why would you want to slow down or stop completely. If you are reading this and your parents are in their 50's and still look like they like each other they are having sex even your grandparents.  I know I don't like to think about it, but when we get older we still like sex.  Sometimes my husband is getting fresh and I try to back off and then I think to myself why am I backing off from something that usually ends up feeling pretty good.  Sex is good exercise and think of how you feel afterwards feels great.  You laugh, you cuddle, you just form closer bonds with a person.  So have sex keeps you young. 

So, those are some tips.  They have have worked for me.  Maybe they will work for you.

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