Monday, November 12, 2012

HELP!!! My Mani is messed up and I NEED my nails painted!!!!!!

OMG  I had the worse thing happen.  I was doing a mani and it looked like shit.  There was no way I was going out with them looking the way they did and no way I was going out without painted nails.  I just can’t I am going to my DBSA meeting and everyone always comes to see my mani.  I have no idea what to do then it comes to me.  I took off the old mani which by the way had Konad black polish on it cleaned my hands and ran for my OPI  We’ll Always Have Paris Suede.  I put it on it dries in minutes and I am good to go.  I was already dressed just doing my nails last.  It was a total life safer on coat and I was good to go.  I did do a post on my OPI suede's.  I am looking for OPI Lincoln Park After Dark Suede now more than ever but I thin I found an adequate dupe.  Avon is selling suede's in six colors for 3.49 a bottle.   I got this information from the queen of knowing everything that is coming or is out.   I hope she does not get mad I say it with great respect her blog is The Polish Jinx.  You want to know what is coming out go her site.  That is where I found out about the suede's so I ordered mine and got one wrong and ordered two more so I will have five in total.  I have not used them yet but the purple one looks just like Lincoln Park After Dark Suede.  Then as I was arranging the polish room I remembered I had other suede's.  Three Zoya Suede's and three Nubar ones.  I am good to go now.  So, I am driving to my meeting and thought shit I could have used crackle also.  So, don’t be so fast to get rid of those crackle polishes yet they could come in handy in a disastrous situation.   so, I made it past my crisis with the suede but would have used the crackle too if I had thought about it.  So here is what my nails looked like tonight.




With a layer of seche vite.
You can put a top coat on if you want the shine but why these look prettier just as suede's.   I will show swatches of my Zoya’s and Nubar’s sometime this week and I think my Avon ones are coming in tomorrow if not I will swatch what I have and compare them.  Nice safe I think.  What do you think?

Ciao for now,
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