Saturday, November 17, 2012

Polish of the Day 35 Fishwife by butter London

Ok, I am not only addicted to polish. I am addicted to butter London.  I was on Amazon and was finding all these butter London polishes first this one, then another one, then another one.   My cart was as full as I could allow it to be so I had to go check out.  This one came in first the other two will hopefully be here with my copy of Magic Mike.  If haven’t seen that movie yet, you got to see it just like you got to see this polish.   Light greenish teal holo.  Trustafarian is greener this one has blue in it and some yellow it is gorgeous.  So,  I am happy and ready to order my next two lemming, which are Tramp Stamp (love the name) and Jack the Lad.  But wait something happens.   Scroll down and keep reading.



Yeap,  Damn Xmas.  It not only takes the money from the Christians but now they are getting to the Jews.   These are so pretty and I am such a sucker for a neutral.  I don’t know what to do.    HELP!  My head is spinning with all these butter London releases.  I remember when they would put out 3 polishes every 6 months.  But this is crazy.  There is the fall line.  Xmas, Special for Macy, Dillards, Nordstrom's, and Bloomingdales and then there are the ones that are online only like fishwife was supposed to be.  Thank God UPS and FED EX comes during the day.  My husband’s cool.  He just laughs.  Sometimes we are laying in bed and he says what are you thinking about.  And I tell him I don’t know whether to order the Deborah Lippmann or butter London.  He asks if I am really am really thinking about that and you know I am.    He looks at me with this look of like I don’t get it.  I just say it’s like when we eat at I HOP and you don’t know whether to get bacon or an omelet with ham.  OH,  I understand.

Ciao, Bellas,                                                                                         


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