Friday, November 30, 2012

Have you ever done something really stupid?

Have you ever done something really stupid?  I just did.  I swear I read that Hanukkah was the 28th of November but I was wrong.  It doesn't start until December 8th.  Oops?  I was showing my husband my 2nd day of Hanukah mani and telling him about others when he told me.  I immediately looked it up and found the right dates.  I've even been doing good deeds, like this morning I woke up early went to get keys made, went and got Goldie's food at the vet's.  Ok, I did do something a little bad.  I pretended I was going to leave Goldie at the vet.  I am going to pay for that one because now she wants a post.  We are negotiating.  The best thing I did today was taking 75% of the boxes nail polish comes in and took it to get recycled.   Well I guess I will get a free pass December 8th.

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