Friday, November 30, 2012

A short (very) post from Goldie

Some of you may remember Goldie needing surgery for kidney stones in May or June since her surgery she put on 5 lbs.  She weighed so much that she was forced to sit in the back seat because she set the safety belt alarm off.    On Wednesday she went to the vet and had lost a whole pound.  I said that so good Goldie.  My weight loss is going along fine.  I've lost 17lbs.  To make her feel good I asked her how she did it, she sarcastically told me, " Well, I am on a high protein diet, I have cut out complex sugars."  I told her sounded a little like mine and then she said, "No, Mommy, I see you make your oatmeal, you have a pretty heavy hand there when it comes to the sugar, plus I go on two walks with Daddy so I get exercise.  You just sit around all day painting your nails or shopping for nail polish."  Teenagers, I thought I was done with them.
Goldie says caio.

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