Monday, November 12, 2012

Polish of Day 30 Essie’s Don’t Sweater it

This is one of the two colors I got from Essie’s Fall line.  It reminds me of  the ever popular Metro Chic from OPI for Sephora.  I wore that polish almost everyday for a month.  Until my daughter told me maybe I should change it.  I just really liked it.  I haven’t really worn this one yet.  I have a lot that I have not worn but I am getting there.  That is kind of why I am doing this is that sometimes I get polish leave it in the box get more polish and leave that in a box.  One of my best friends from back home is moving not far from here and will be staying with me for about a week or two so I don’t know how that is going to affect my posts.  I know I will still do polish of the day but the nail art that I love to do might be kind of thin.  I have several mani’s that I have worn and do have those saved so I will be able to show that.  Who knows I might get  a hand model for while.  We’ll see what happens.  The holidays are coming and to be honest it is the worst time of the year for me.  I hate it.  I just want to go in a closet cover myself up and sleep until it is over.  It is already starting so I know this year is going to be a lot of tears and a lot of hiding out but that is just a part of my life for the last twenty years when I converted.  So, I just ask that you all just stick with me because I love doing this blog so  much  if I didn’t do it I would be in therapy twice a week and not be able to work on my book.  So, if a post sounds a little down I might just be having a bad day if it sounds good that means I was in therapy that day.  I guess I am just going to try and not sweater it.

don't sweater it 4

don't sweater it 4

don't sweater it 6

Don't sweater it 8

It is like taupe with a hint of purple in it.  It has no shimmer it is just a really pretty crème.  Very neutral but on the cool side so it is very appropriate for the winter months ahead.  CC

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