Thursday, November 29, 2012

Polish of Day 47 Gelt by Whimsical

This is another one of Pam Wolf’s beautiful creation.  I went to the locksmith and this really big cowboy worked there and he was actually admiring this polish.  He was like wow that is so cool it is so bright and shiny
and it is  bright and blingy without being tacky.  Perfect polish for the first day of Hanukah.  For the non Jews gelt is money that you are supposed to get during Hanukah.  You are not supposed to get presents you give gelt but with Xmas and kids going to school, I think the Jews have tried to make it more like a regular Xmas by giving presents.  Personally,  my husband and I do gelt but in the form of gift certificates so sometimes I wonder if it is really the same.  It is but you are getting money at a store.  It is half way there.  What do you think?  Is a gift certificate the same thing as giving money?


gelt 4


So, back to the topic of presents.  Which is better, money or a gift certificate?
Ciao Bellas,
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