Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year

It feel like I have been gone forever but I did need that time to regroup and especially take time with my husband and daughter.  My husband is back at work taking it easy.  I had a wonderful visit with my daughter.  It is weird when you go out for dinner and your baby orders a beer.  Some parents might be upset that they didn't get to go out last night but really your children grow up so fast before you know it they are ordering alcohol at dinner and are of age to do so.  Got to keep the tears back.  We of course did our nails every night.  She is like Mom, she loves butter London.  She graduates next year and is coming to live in Houston for her Master's.  My sons are doing ok.  I pretty proud of the progress one of them is making but I have to stay out of it and let him stand on his own 30 year old feet.
The second part of this year has been amazingly calm year even though we all all had some type of hospitalization.  Goldie with kidney stones, me with my gallbladder and Michael with his pneumonia.        
I received a lot of polish but my only new year's resolution is to save money for no particular reason just because.  My sinister plan is to buy a Paypal card and when the money is gone that is it.  I know in order to achieve this I need to slowly reach the target.  I think that is why a lot of people fail on their resolutions.  It takes thirty days to make a change.

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