Sunday, January 27, 2013

Basilisk Venom by White Owl Lacquer

I had been dying to wear some red nail polish, problem was I wasn’t going to wear red the next day or so I thought.  Then a miracle happened the red sweater that I have been bitching about all winter was suddenly found by my husband.  So, I washed it and it was dry in the morning and ready for me to wear and how exciting finally I was going to wear red polish.  Then, an even bigger miracle happened when this polish I ordered from Owls and Lacquer came it.  The mail has been so slow right now.  So, I was really excited because when I ordered it it was paired with a red polish.  I decided to do a black accent nail since the sweater I was wearing had black interwoven in it.  I kicked ass the next day.  Everyone asked me something about it and Mara was nice enough to send me a little sample of Mooney which is a whole other story that I will share this week.  I’ve just been on a bad sleep schedule because my stupid apnea monitor mask broke and I haven’t been able to sleep.   I am going do a post on that this week anyway here are the pictures of the red glittery mani that I wore last week.





So, I think this polish is just beautiful on the red and black.  I am excited to try it on other colors too.  Tomorrow I will post Mooney because there is a cute story behind it.  I must head to bed to stay on this wonderful schedule that I am finally on and be able to post more than just one post a day everyday.  I am holding back some because I was a little burnt out and don’t want that to happen so just continue on this slow ride and I can entertain you all with something more that just what polish I used.  Oh, for this mani I used the red Die Another Day from OPI and Just Black from Essence a brand that I hope to review this week.

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