Friday, January 11, 2013

Crumpet’s Challenge Day 11 Splatter

Here is my offering for Day 11 of the challenge and I thought outside the box.  There is a design on my Leelac plate that looks like a splatter mark so I used it.  Plus there is another reason,  you are going to say this is stupid but for some reason I can’t seem to get a straw out of it’s package without destroying the straw so someone has always done it for me for the last around 25 years.  It started in High School when I would go eat lunch at Luby’s with my parents.  EVERYDAY.  I would get my straw out of the wrapping and the straw would be destroyed.  So, my father started takining it out because he thought I was doing it to get him angry.  Then, I got married and my husband would be sweet enough to take the straw out.  Then the kids did it.  Then my next husband practically put a bib on me to eat he was so precise.  I never came clean with anyone.  I would secretly try and the strawwould always break or something.  I finally admitted to Michael that for some reason I couldn’t take a straw out of it’s wrapping.  He said he knew.  He said he saw me once trying to do it.  He didn’t know what was going on but not to embarrass me he just started taking it out for me.  So, my splatter was done with a stamp because my husband worked late last night and I wanted to get it done before he got home so I did the best I could and used the splatter stamp.  At least I am being honest.  I have done splatter mani’s and cann do them with a straw that has been opened for me.

splatter 4

splatter 7

splatter 8

So there is my splatter mani.  Hope you like it.

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