Thursday, January 17, 2013

Crumpet’s Challenge Day 14 Stamping

I had been dying to do this manicure. I love to stamp. Love it! I stamp almost everything. When I am just showing switching. You'll find my nails switched in that same color later on. The only thing I don't always stamp is indies. I think stamping is great it can prolong your manicure. It' just about the best thing since frozen yogurt. So, here is my stamping.   nude 11     nude 13     nude 3     nude 7       Now, what I did to get this look was just so easy. I used Essie's Don't Sweater It, then I used Essie Matte Top Coat once I was sure it was dry I stamped with Konad Black Pearl using my lee lac plate B. What do you think? Ciao, Patty

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