Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Crumpet’s Challenge Day 30 Best Technique

When I stopped going to get my acrylics done, it was the start of the polish addiction.  I started to justify a bottle of polish a week in exchange for what I was spending at the nail salon that is how it all started.  Then my daughter found this nail technique water marbling.  We became obsessed.  Then found Konad and that was it.  I had turned into a nail junkie and I don’t know if there is any return.  So, water marbling was my first nail technique and I am very comfortable doing it but not crazy about doing the whole hand.  I like it as an accent so I left the pinky and thumb the base color.  I really think that one mistake people make in marbling is using the white as a base.  I just don’t think there is a need for that.  If you just use the lightest color as your marble then you are ok.  Just make sure the light color is very pigmented.  I used American Apparel polishes.  These polishes are very pigmented and perfect for marbling.  The colors I used are Cotton, The Valley, and Raccoon





So, there is my entry for Day 30.  I can’t believe we have come this far.  It has been a real wild ride.
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