Sunday, January 20, 2013

Guest Post Ciate Mainstream and Black Cat Lacquer Strangelove

This the guest post from IHeart Pretty Polish I did on Thursday in case you missed it.

Today I am posting for Essie who has a crisis with one of her nails.

My name is Patty from Patty and Goldie's Day Off and today I have a beautiful polish called Main Stage from Ciate. It is beautiful magenta and the company touts it as "being the color to go with any skin tone" which is a plus if you have sisters, it is easier to con Mom into buying it for you. I only have sisters so I think I have a little experience in this area.
So, let's take a look and see what you think?







The formula on Ciate is wonderful.  I would even venture to say it is better than Butter London.   It smoothes on like cream.  It dries fast and the color is very pigmented.  Two coats and that is it.  To give my manicure a little bling I did an accent nail with Black Cat Lacquer Strangelove.  A magenta glitter with lavender, magenta and black glitters.  I had never used black cat and was really amazed at the way it went on so smoothly a little goes a long way and I like that.   So, as far as buying.  I bought the Ciate on the Nordstrom website and Black Cat Lacquer on Etsy.

Ciao for now, and let’s hope Essie gets better soon so she can bring her wonderful samplings to you.

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