Wednesday, January 9, 2013

I Love Nail Polish Party of Four

So, Saturday night I was strolling the web and ended up in Etsy and found this beautiful glitter polish.  I went to the owner website and found great glitter polishes.  Not all are the chunky glitter polish which is good because I have a lot of chunky glitters but not too many small glitters.  Smaller glitters can be more workable because you can put it on a sponge to create sparkly tips.  Always hesitant when buying something new.  I only bought one bottle.  I was amazed when I got this polish. First it came in a box and the bottle was just so perfect.  I contacted the owner her name is Barbra, she looks really nice in her picture and in her emails and told her how professional her polish is.  I have never seen an indie look like this.  I was impressed.  If you order she also has a list for bloggers to sign up to review products from time to time.  So, I did end up taking a lot of pictures and ordering two more polishes.  One of them is Goldie, I had to.  Goldie will be doing a post this week so watch for that one.  She will be modeling her new clothes.  Back to the polish I bought it on Etsy for $10.00 a bottle.  Not a bad price when you see how much polish is in the bottle and that finer glitters just tend to last longer.  So check her out and if you like something well... you know we are powerless over polish.

I lnp 2
new york 1

new york 1


So, I did on blue and white which do you like better?   So, I was supposed to have the first part of my favorites done today but I got so much mail yesterday.  Random stuff from Sephora and four Butter Londons.  I was a little overwhelmed and then I had a family commitment.   So,  I only got about a forth of it done.  I will have it all by the end of the week.  It will be a funny post so I have it written it is just getting the pictures together. 

So ciao for now, I must go to sleep. 

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