Saturday, January 5, 2013

Day 4 Crumpet’s Challenge Pink

The only color that came to me when I thought about pink was this beautiful holo from Urban Outfitters that has been a hit on with so many bloggers.  I ran into Urban Outfitters and bought this pink one.  They only had a light green and silver and I had to go with pink.  Boy is it full of holo goodness.  My daughter saw it and was so impressed she asked me what kind of polish is this so did our temporary roommate.  So I thought I will use it for a day.  Wow, is it an eyecatcher.  I just wish they had other colors.  I went to the other Urban Outfitters in town and it appears that they only make it in  pink, silver and light green.  If anyone has seen a different color let me know because I would love another one but like in a purple or blue.  So, this is my entry for this challenge it think it is a great color and for $10.00 it is a little high so I would only buy one more.   I got my pay from Latina Bloggers last night and I spent it all already on indies last night.  So, I hope these go on sale so I can get more than just one more because think of the great water marble it would make.  So, make sure to check out the other Pink Ladies.

pink holo 13

pink holo 8

pink holo 9

pink holo 3

pink holo 5

Enjoy today’s Pink Ladies.
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