Friday, January 4, 2013

Zoya Lovelys

I know I said I was not going to buy another full set of anything but these are too gorgeous not to have in my collection and I got them under budget so it was worth it.  This is Jacqueline, a beautiful extra pale yellow but it is described as a pale pink. It might be my skin tone that makes it look yellow but it is really nice and I can see myself wearing this often. 



The next one is Neely a mint green which just reminded me of pistachio yogurt.  I hope my yogurt store puts that flavor out this summer.  although they have this wonderful flavor called Carmel salted pretzel.  It is so good.  It would taste great with pistachio. 



The next one seems to be a favorite I heave heard a lot of people saying they want this one.   It is called Blu.  This one just reminds me of a newborn baby clothes.  It is so baby like I love it.  It seems to have a calming affect.



Those are the cremes.  I will have the shimmers tomorrow. 

So, out of the three do you have a  favorite?  Remember Zoya's promotion that starts Monday.


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