Friday, January 11, 2013

Kimber’s A-Z Challenge A

No, I am not crazy. Yes I have joined another challenge. This is an A-Z challenge. You have to swatch a color that starts with A or the name of the company needs to start with the letter. I am late turning this in, we will be posting every Wednesday. So what I have today is Angeline from American Apparel. Does that mean I get a triple word score. Angeline is a coralish pink. I love the color and American apparel polishes.     Angeline 3

Angeline 3

So that is my entry for A.

Hello lovelies! This is the most up to date version of the Challenge List, inluding the fixes for the broken links. We may me moving to Inlinkz soon (yay), but for now, here is everyone participating as of today.

Kimber @ Kimber'sLacquerKorner
Gini @ Sassy Paints
Kat @ Hooked On Polish
Lisa @ Lozlosa
Diana @ Nails By Diana 
Nicole @ Nicole Gets Nailed 
Lariesa @ Me, Myself, and Polish
Patty @ Patty And Goldie's Day Off
Meredith@ Perfectly Polished
Joanna @ Sweet Polish of Mine
Sammi @ GlitzNGlammer
Ria @ Polishaholic
Dionne @ Glittery Fingers
Aly @ Wonderland Beauty
Kate @ Painted Pony Nails
Sarah @ Faithfully Polished
Small Budget Beauty 
Brittany @ Pretty, Pink, and Chic
Alaina @ Dont Spill The Acetone
Simona @ Light Your Nails
Elle @ Miss Nail Polish 
Holly @ Facebook (blog link coming soon!)
Sonya (link needed)
Stephanie Louise at All Things Beautiful 
Raquel @ Sunshine Nails
Katherine @ Manicure Addict
M. @ Criminal Nails 
Nancy @ The Dark Side of Beauty

Let me know if I have missed anyone!

I'll be back with actual polish posts later today. Was a bit under the weather yesterday but am starting to feel better today. :)

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