Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Do Your Cuticles Hurt

About three weeks ago I was having a major cuticle issue.  They were just downright hurting.  No Lemony Flutter was helping.  So, I sat with the sore cuticles and when it was time for bed , I reached in to get my night-time meds and saw a tube of Neosporin with pain reliever.  I thought it isn't going to do any harm and rubbed it on within about 30 minutes the pain and redness had subsided I left it on all night and slept with my gloves on.  In the morning I was good to go.  On Monday, again I could feel some soreness, again Neosporin and voila problem solved.  Now, I don't want this to become a habit.  I view it more as a slow down sign and I am in no way encouraging anyone to get to that point but if it happens this appears to give some relief.  But also view it as a sign.  I know, I like to have back-up pictures but not at the expense of my health.  So, that is my little tip for today.  Hope you read this and understand where I am coming from.

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